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1. Managed Mautic (Newsletter) Application Hosting

The community-driven and open-source marketing automation software Mautic improves itself with frequent updates and is also freely available.
Mautic is one of the most powerful marketing software available today. Businesses can save a lot of time by using the freely available software, which helps them to control a plethora of marketing aspects including:

• Social media marketing
• Contact management
• Email marketing
• Forms
• Campaigns
• Reports

Mautic helps you to track all your contacts and helps you a have a more organized web marketing campaign. It helps you find and nurture contacts through the forms, landing pages, text messages, emails, social media. It swiftly integrates with your CRM, and other database management systems. The exclusive features of Mautic include:

• An easy setup process that is completed in less than 5 minutes
• Complete control with no charges
• Comes in two free models viz. self-hosting and the SaaS
• Has its Mautic Marketplace, where you can sell the themes, add-ons, and the workflows
• Can be easily extended through its powerful API to accommodate other software and plugins
• Provides for customizations and unlimited integrations

Mautic helps you to market your dreams successfully. It is so efficient that you can foresee the results. The powerful yet beautiful user interface keeps your interactions engaging, and fruitful.

Mautic website:

Mautic community:

2. Managed Rocket.Chat Application Hosting

The web-based messaging service Rocket.Chat focuses on communication within groups or teams. If you use Rocket Chat you can provide your team members with a user account and then use this account to communicate easily with each other in public or private groups.

Rocket.Chat is used via the browser. But it is also available as an app on your own device. The chat supports the sending of files, pictures and videos as well as the integration of other services, such as a connection to the ticket system Redmine. We enable the application on an own server or offer the service in our Cloud Service.

3. Managed Jitsi Application Hosting

If you are looking for a privacy friendly video conferencing platform running on your own server, the open source tool Jitsi is the right choice. Jitsi is an alternative to Zoom. It does not store user data and allows the encrypted application.

If you are uncomfortable with video conferencing in the cloud of a company based in the USA, because you have to make sure that no recordings are made or data is collected by unauthorized third parties, then you should decide to use Jitsi InHouse.

Jitsi is then as secure as you want it to be. And the handling for the user is as easy as possible. It is enough to call a URL in the browser. And a registration of your users for an online meeting is no longer necessary.