Shared SSD Hosting
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Shared SSD Hosting

If you are looking for a low cost solution, our affordable web hosting packages are for you. And with the advantage of SSD!

Free Transfer of Your Sites

From cPanel to cPanel we have free web sites transfer for all server and hosting orders.

You do not have to be an expert!

You do not need to be an expert for server administration and security. Thanks to our experienced and expert team, your servers are in the right hands.

Full Performance and Full Hardware

All our servers are kept up to date and presented to you with modern hardware and software.

Hassle-free and Secure!

In our servers, all known optimization and security measures are being implemented and necessary precautions are taken to avoid any adverse events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Web Hosting?
  • A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.
What is a Virtual Dedicated Server?
  • A semi dedicated server, also known as a virtual dedicated server (VDS), is a shared slice of a dedicated server. The most common name for a semi dedicated server is a Virtual Private Server (VPS). The semi dedicated server is where a dedicated server is shared among multiple users. The most common way this is accomplished is through virtualization software, like a hypervisor to abstract resources on a physical server and provide customers with access to an emulated server, called a virtual machine (VM). Each virtual machine runs a complete operating system, and has restricted access to a portion of the physical server's compute, memory and storage resources. Customers have access to the VM's OS, but not to the physical server.
Why Would I Need a Semi Dedicated Server?
  • Many companies start out with shared hosting, either traditional or cloud. Either way, a small website with low volumes of visitor traffic won’t need a lot of server resources (we sometimes refer to as horsepower, like a car). As a site becomes bigger, or more popular, the demands on the server increase. This means more CPU cycles, more bandwidth, more memory and/or more drive storage. Increased demands can also arise from installing an ecommerce or content management system, either of which can require much more to run than a basic website.
When will my hosting service be activated?
  • Usually, all hosting orders are activated automatically within a few minutes after the order has been placed. As a rare exception, our Billing team may need to process a hosting order manually. In this case, account activation may take up to 30 minutes.
I want to transfer my website to you. Do you do this?
  • Yes Please send a migration request via ticket. Usually all you need to do is to provide login data at your old host – hostname, control panel login, and FTP login, etc; and we will take care of the rest.
How Does Hosting Service Work?
  • When you purchase a web hosting service you’re essentially buying yourself space to store your website’s files. These files can then be accessed by a web browser, in order for your website to be live on the internet.
What is CEPH storage?
  • CEPH is highly scalable, and is specifically designed to handle enterprise workloads aiming for completely distributed operations. Ceph storage is also fault-tolerant and becomes so by replicating data. CEPH is designed to be self-managed and self-healing.

    Servers with CEPH disks store their data on a remote filesystem. Each block is stored on three (3) different servers. If the local host hardware fails, we will boot the server on a different machine.
What is an image backup?
  • An image backup is a "snapshot" or exact copy of everything on your server's disk drive, including your system settings, programs, plugins, and all other files. So if your disk drive or entire site just stops working, we can easily restore everything back the way it was in minutes.
What is MainWP PRO?
  • MainWP PRO is a WordPress management plugin, that allows you to control all your WordPress sites from one central location securely. Eaccelera provides this for FREE. Please contact our Customer Support should you want to avail of this solution.
What is CDN and how it works?
  • A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a highly-distributed platform of servers that helps minimize delays in loading web page content by reducing the physical distance between the server and the user. This helps users around the world view the same high-quality content without slow loading times.
What is Elementor Pro?
  • Elementor Pro is an extension of Elementor, which empowers you with vast professional tools that speed up your workflow and design. Check here to compare the benefits of free and Pro versions: Elementor Benefits – Pro VS Free
What is WP Rocket?
  • WP Rocket is a paid WordPress caching and speed plugin that improves the speed of WordPress websites by implementing various advanced optimizations, such as caching, preloading, CSS/HTML/JS minification, JS deferring, database optimization, and more.
What is WooCommerce?
  • WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.